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“Thank you so much for the session yesterday – it was absolutely brilliant! I feel like a big weight has been taken off my shoulders.”  

“It was so exciting! I can’t wait to go shopping now and know that what I bring home will go with what’s in my wardrobe and make me look great!  I’m sure I will still make a few mistakes but at least I will know how to put it right! I shall definitely be booking up another session in the spring. “ (Jane, Wiltshire, 2010)


“Also, I have had several comments from colleagues at work over the last couple of days who have said I look fabulous and what have I done? And I look glamorous etc… so that has really given me a boost and much more confidence!  I thought you might like to know!

Many thanks for all your help.” (Jane, Wiltshire 2010)


“Last Friday seems a long time ago now... I did need to throw a lot of clothes away so thanks for that initial "kick".  I can see why you have put the clothes together and it has given me more confidence to walk into a shop and dismiss half the stock because the clothes are the wrong colour.  The little tips you gave me have been very useful and I have remembered them whilst out browsing.”  (Jennifer, Gloucestershire)


“I would like to thank you so much for all of your guidance and advice on my image. I had such a lovely time yesterday which was down to you. You were very professional but at the same time were friendly and fun; I thoroughly enjoyed shopping with you. I have learnt many useful tips and hopefully will be able to apply them whilst shopping on my own in the future.” (Jennifer, Gloucestershire)


“After I left you yesterday I returned to Jigsaw and tried on the skirt and jacket you suggested, they both fitted perfectly,...

I am delighted with my purchases and ‘J’ thoroughly approves, just as well really! We went out to The Story Teller last night and I wore the black beaded dress, my friend loved it and wanted to know where it came from!”  (Jennifer, Gloucestershire)


“My son’s girlfriends were around today and they also approved of all my new clothes.... I now feel much more confident about shopping for clothes which is down to you, so many, many thanks. I look forward to working with you again in the spring.” (Jennifer, Gloucestershire)


“Thank you SO much for last Saturday. We had a brilliant time and have spoken almost every day this week to discuss some other aspect or other!  I have just place my first Arbonne order - managed to get the night cream (the most expensive product) for free which was great. I'll let you know how I get on.” (Sarah G., Gloucestershire)


“We're both saving our pennies for the next B installment - now we know our colours, we're interested in finding out about the types of clothes that suit our figures!  Anyway, it's all been lots of fun and we've both felt great in our new mascara and colours that suit us this week, so thank you a million times over.
We'll definitely keep in touch and look forward to seeing you before too long.” (Sarah G., Gloucestershire)


“A belated thank you for all your help and advice a few weeks ago. It was such a useful and enjoyable morning. I love the fact I now have a wardrobe full of clothes I actually wear. I feel so much more confident having injected some colour into my outfits and have received loads of compliments.

I’m recommending you to all my friends!” (Rachel, Cheltenham)


“Next on the agenda, a new wardrobe of clothes!
Image consultant Berith Sandgren-Clarke from 2B-inspired in Stroud has offered to sort out my clothes to reflect the new me.  She promises I can create a capsule wardrobe with only 35 items. If this is a mid-life crisis, bring it on.” (Sue Smith, Stroud News and Journal, 2009)


“Thank you so much for the make-up lesson.  Having never really concentrated on make-up, only using lipstick and mascara, I felt now was the time to change slightly as I hit my 50's.  I wanted a very natural look and you have allowed me to achieve that beautifully.  Quite a number of people have commented on how 'well' I'm looking, not realising that there's a subtle make-up job going on!  Many thanks for your efforts, excellent products too! (Nicola, Wiltshire)


“Just to let you know how much I look forward to the seasonal updates - they really are a breath of fresh air and a great deal of fun.   It gives you so much more confidence to go and shop for the clothes that you know will be the right style and colour for you as you update your wardrobe each season.  Can't wait for the next one! “(Carole, Gloucestershire)


“PS. you might like to know I have purchased a rather nice green bag and some grey linen trousers and a green top which I am wearing with my fitted black jacket. I wore to make a presentation in last week. A woman in the room said she was very jealous of people like me who were colour co-ordinated !  The Bi effect is really working.....”(Pam, Wiltshire)


“I wanted to write and thank you for another fabulous day when we met in September. I've waited until now as I wanted to tell you that I felt so inspired after our meeting I decided to go vintage shopping - in Paris! I was there over the weekend and had such an amazing time but most importantly (for me), I was complimented on my outfits ...which I credit you with for giving me the tools to construct.” (Gillian, Dundee)


“... It was such a confidence boost, I can't tell you but I'm sure you understand. I also managed to buy a beautiful gold necklace, which you recommended to balance the blue from the uniform shirts I have to wear. …  I want you to know how superior your presentation and clients handling are in comparison, hence the reason I came to the other end of the UK to see you again. Thank you once again, Berith, you were truly inspiring.” (Gillian, Dundee)


"...Whenever I go shopping now I firstly see the colour, then the style, then if it will fit me. I used to assume I would look fat in everything, so wouldn't even bother most of the time." (Wendy,Gloucestershire)


"...My husband and son were very impressed with it. You have given me so many more outfits to wear, and its fun to look up what you suggest to wear with what." (Sue GL8)

" ...You helped me choose the perfect colour for my wedding dress as well as changed my life for the better." (Wendy, Gloucestershire)


“ I feel great since you sorted my wardrobe. So much less clothes but feel liberated by the fact that I can wear everything and feel generally good.” (Allison, Wiltshire)

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Have you ever pondered on what your style is?

Let’s explore what shapes and styles of clothes suits your personality and budget; what fabrics will suit your body shape, proportions and lifestyle. You will learn how to achieve a perfect fit every time when shopping for clothes, how to make the most of your existing wardrobe, and what items of clothing to purchase next. At the end, you will be able to see your style ‘outside the box’ - enabling you to save time and money when shopping in any situation.

Total Self Discovery: £499 - one day    Style Profiling session: £179

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